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Věk: 21
Datum narození: 11.04.1996
Pohlaví: Muž
Práva: Správce ADB & Moderátor
Datum registrace: 03.03.2014 22:18
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How can someone who seeks a reason from another person be right? While you're forcing that reason on someone else, how can you take responsibility? - Koyomi Araragi (Monogatari Series: Second Season)

People save themselves on their own. Nobody can ever save anyone else. - Koyomi Araragi (Monogatari Series: Second Season)

It is not society that determines people's futures. It is people who determine society's future. - Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)

You were ready to kill another creature, yet you’re scared of being killed yourself. Don’t you think that is strange? When you point a gun at a living thing… this is what that act means. - Kurumi Tokisaki (Date a Live)
Whether we live or die isn't a big issue. If you focus on being alive, you develop fear. Your eyes get clouded. But if you have no such feelings... you are capable of fighting right to the end of the world.

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